12 Best Free UX/UI Design Courses on the Internet in 2023: You Must Take

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Are you new to UI/UX design or want to brush up on the latest trends? Then this article is for you. We've collected a list of the best free UI/UX design courses available on the internet.


Finding free to learn UI/UX design was a challenge before! Everything is so expensive; where do you even begin?


There are thousands of different UI/UX design books and courses, making it difficult to choose. We know because we've bought and tested a lot of them.


This article is about a free UX/UI design course. It will present you with useful resources that help you learn UI/UX design, such as tutorials and blogs.


In this post, you will know the best places to find free knowledge and materials for learning about user experience and user interface design.


Not only will these resources help you better understand what goes into a valuable user experience and user interface, but you'll also be able to create your own UI UX design.


What is User Experience (UX) Design?



User experience design, also called UX design, is a discipline that combines the art and science of interaction design (IDX), usability, and user-centered design to enhance the quality of user satisfaction with a website, product, or service. Simply put, it is the totality of a person's experience with any such designed product or service.


1. UX design is the practice of designing products that are usable, intuitive, and effective. As a discipline, UX focuses on how people use technology and what they expect from their interactions with digital products.


2. UX designers work closely with product managers, developers, marketers, and other stakeholders to create user-centered solutions. They focus on understanding users' needs and wants and then translate those into functional requirements.


3. A good UX designer deeply understands human behavior and psychology and can apply this knowledge to create meaningful experiences. They understand how people interact with technology and how they learn best.


4. UX designers often collaborate with engineers and researchers to develop prototypes and test them with real users. This iterative approach helps ensure that designs meet the target audience's needs.


5. UX designers should have a strong visual communication and interaction design background. They need to know how to communicate ideas effectively through visual means.


6. UX designers should also have experience working in teams and collaborating across disciplines. They should be able to work well with project managers, business analysts, and others.


What is User Interface (UI) Design?


What is User Interface (UI) Design?
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User interface design is a discipline of human-computer interaction focusing on the design of interactive devices and systems for users.


User interface designers are responsible for making things like web pages, mobile apps, computer screens, and software programs easy to use.


1. UI design is the process of creating user interfaces that are easy to use, intuitive, and effective. A good UI should make users feel comfortable and confident while using your product.


2. There are three major components to any UI: visual, functional, and behavioral. Visual includes colors, shapes, fonts, icons, etc.


Functional refers to how well the interface works. Behavioral refers to the way the user interacts with the interface.


3. To create a great UI, start with a clear understanding of what your users want from your product. Then, use research to determine their needs, wants, and expectations.


Next, think about what they would like to do with your product. Finally, plan out the steps needed to accomplish those tasks.


4. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can begin designing your UI. Start with the visual elements first.


Use color, shape, size, and font to guide users through the interface. Then, add functionality by adding buttons, links, and other interactive features.


Best Free UX/UI Design Courses on the Internet


Free UI/UX design training is out there, but where? To help you along your journey to learn more about design and sharpen your skills, I've compiled a comprehensive list of the best free UI/UX design courses.


1. Short Course on CareerFoundry


CAREERFOUNDRY is offering a free UX/UI design short course for helping those person wants to learn UX and UI design.


This short course will help you to learn the design and you will get a brief idea about UX and UI design. You will get a Video introduction, a Written lesson, a Hands-on task, and, Interactive quiz. Here is what you can learn


◾ What is UX design?

◾ The UX design process

◾ Career path in UX design

◾ Pro UX design skills

◾ UX portfolio tips


2. User Experience Course on Future Learn


Future Learn also provides free UI/UX design courses. You can learn User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design from this online learning platform. Also, you can learn the basics of design.


◾ Foundation of UX design
◾ Basics UX design
◾ UX design tools
◾ UX design testing


3. User Experience Course on Linkedin


LinkedIn Learning is one of the best places for learning anything. There are so many courses. Some course is premium and some course is free.


So, UX/UI design courses are also available for free. There you will find an awesome module for your learning UX/UI design.


◾ Career planning of UX design

◾ UX design overview

◾ Data analyze

◾ UX design process

◾ UX design ideation


4. InVision Learn


Prototyping is an essential and most important part of UX/UI design. You are learning UI/UX design, so you have to learn Prototypes also.


For this, InVision is the best place to learn Prototype. Besides this, you can learn so many things from this platform. It’s totally free, just sign up and get full access to various courses.


◾ UX prototype

◾ InVision freehand

◾ InVision inspect

◾ InVision craft


5. Learn UI/UX Design Tools to learn UX


User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design learning start with tools. There are so many tools used for designing UI and UX. LearnUX is the free UI UX Design course platform.


They will teach you all the tools of UI UX. How you should start your journey in the UX field and how to use tools for UX and UI even though they teach some development tools also.


◾ Career in UX

◾ Design Workflow

◾ Design and prototype

◾ Handoff and tools

◾ HTML and CSS

◾ Webflow


6. Free UX/UI Design Lesson on Springboard


Springboard provides an awesome and very effective curriculum for UX design. Anyone can take their free UI UX design course.


This is one of the best and great platforms to learn UI UX design. They guide nicely about UI and UX design and their students are successful now in this design industry.


◾ UX design research method

◾ User-centered design

◾ User interviews

◾ User personas

◾ Deliverable UX design


7. Free UX/UI Design Live Class on General Assembly


So, here is the chance to learn UX/UI design free on Live. General Assembly has been arranging live streams at regular intervals. Their main goal is to teach eagers people about UX and UI design.


They are delivering every basic topic about UX and UI design. You can ask your questions and they will answer. A beginner can learn essential things from their live stream and they can find a proper guide for their UX design journey.


◾ Learn UX design

◾ Understanding product design

◾ Sketching

◾ UX design process


8. Free UX/UI Design Course and Tutorial on Udemy


UI/UX design courses have become very expensive day by day. If you are a student, it’s tough for you to buy premium courses and learn UX design. But Udemy is the best solution for you to learn free UI UX design.


They are delivering all topics and essential parts of UX UI design. Such as fundamentals of UX, UX design certification, Usability research courses, and web design courses. Just go there, sign up, and grab the free UI UX design courses.


◾ Fundament of UX

◾ UX design certification

◾ Usability research

◾ Web design

◾ User Interface design


9. Become a UX Designer on Udacity


Udacity is helping me to become a great UX designer. It’s a great opportunity for someone who is interested to learn UX design for free and that’s also from a great online platform.


For building a career in the UX design industry you should enroll in the free UX course on Udacity. What you will learn from their free UX design course?


◾ UX design fundamentals

◾ UX design research

◾ Prototyping

◾ User analytics

◾ UX portfolio tips


10. Free UI/UX Design Specialization on Coursera


Coursera is one of the biggest online learning platforms on the globe. For learning online you can choose Coursera with a close eye.


Recently they have published a new free UI UX design course. The specialization of UX/UI design course. You can learn-


◾ What is UX design

◾ How to start UX design

◾ Career in UX

◾ User Interface design


11. Free UX Design Certificate Course on Great Learning


This free UI/UX design course is the perfect guide for learning everything about the world of user interface and user experience.


This comprehensive online course will teach you everything from the concept to concrete examples. You will learn how to build a strong foundation in terms of UI UX design.


◾ User Experience (UX) design

◾ User Interface (UI) design

◾ UX career guide

UX designer portfolio guide


12. UI/UX Design Process in Figma by Skillshare


Skillshare, A great platform for eLearning. Huge numbers of students have been learning on this platform and gaining skills and going ahead for their future.


Now, this is your chance to learn something from Skillshare. They are giving 1 month of the free trial, and you can enroll in the UI/UX design course. The UI/UX design process course in Figma.


◾ Figma basics

◾ UI design in Figma

◾ UX design in Figma

◾ Prototyping in Figma


Get 18 Best Figma Resources for Free Download: Mockups, UI Kits, and Templates



These courses will help learners fully understand the UX/UI design process from planning to development. It also helps learners get an idea of different tools that are used in the development process and how these tools can help with UI UX design. Certain principles need to be followed for a successful UX/UI design and these principles are discussed in great detail in those courses.


With the Internet evolving into a valuable tool for students, it is becoming an indispensable resource for those looking to learn in their own time and at their own pace. The learning curve for most UI/UX design tools is steep and these courses can help beginners jump ahead by providing them with necessary information on the software that they will need to purchase if they choose to do so.


The courses can also be of much use in production environments, especially when an expert is required to get a project off the ground. Finding the right UI/UX design course for you isn't always easy. There are so many to choose from, with some better than others. It's up to you to decide which of these options will benefit you most.


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