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A digital product design UI kit is a collection of pre-designed user interface elements and design components that help designers to create digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and software interfaces. UI kits are often organized into different pages and sections to make it easy for designers to find the components they need. Style Guide: This page includes the design system's typography, colors, and other design guidelines. Some common pages and sections that may be included in a digital product design UI kit are: Navigation: This section includes pre-designed menus, dropdowns, and other navigation components. Forms: This section includes pre-designed forms for user input, such as login forms, signup forms, and search bars. Buttons: This section includes a variety of pre-designed buttons, including call-to-action buttons, social media buttons, and more. Icons: This section includes a library of icons for different purposes, such as social media icons, action icons, and other decorative icons. Cards: This section includes pre-designed cards that can be used for displaying content, such as product cards, profile cards, and more. Color palettes: These are pre-defined sets of colors that can be used to ensure consistency throughout the design. Overall, a well-designed digital product design UI kit includes a variety of pages and tools that help designers to create high-quality digital products quickly and efficiently, while ensuring a consistent and cohesive user experience.

Published: February 23rd 2023

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