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Grocery Ecommerce Templates are fully responsive and personalized. It’s not just a template, it’s a design system. Our templates come with a Theme Customizer so you can easily configure its colors, fonts, logo, and more. Grocery Ecommerce Templates with a simple layout and elegant design make it easy for your potential customers to find the product on the page. Grocery Ecommerce Templates are suitable for any eCommerce website (such as Amazon and eBay) where you want to sell products in a grocery store. They are completely customizable, professional, and simple to use. The best thing about this product is you can use them for your business or personal website. This UI Kit is very helpful for all. Well, layered and organized, global color and text styles, Auto-Layout, and with free fonts family from Google Fonts (Gordita). What will you get? - 60+ Beautiful Screens design - Figma Files 100% editable and scalable. Thank You For Your Valuable Time.

Published: June 11th 2022

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