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Marketing automation platform which integrates communication through SMS, email, web push, banners, printing, website content, and more in a single platform. With Marketing automation, users can simultaneously deliver personalized messages to thousands of recipients via email, SMS, and other channels. A range of customer paths and marketing automation scenarios can be designed through the drag-and-drop editor. Notes can be posted on scenarios to provide all users with insight into what is being automated. Marketing automation email marketing tools include a library of ready-to-use templates, A/B/X testing, email previews, and personalization. Marketing automation allows users to manage their contact database, with detailed contact data, customizable fields, activity tracking, contact timelines, relationship definition, and external data integration. Advanced segmentation tools enable the definition of highly specific segments using inclusion and exclusion rules, with the ability to save, use, and perform mass actions on segments, and also the power to ‘freeze’ any segment to prevent updates. Other features offered by Marketing automation include customer scoring, data collection, real-time marketing, content automation, outcome measurement, opinion polls, loyalty programs, and more.

Published: September 3rd 2022

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