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Socially is a unique and modern social media illustration pack that is perfect for a wide range of projects. Whether you are designing a website, creating a mobile app, or putting together a presentation, these illustrations are sure to add a touch of style and creativity to your work. The pack includes a range of illustrations that are specifically designed for use in social media projects. From cute and quirky characters to abstract designs and patterns, there is something for everyone in this pack. Each illustration is created with great attention to detail, ensuring that they are both beautiful and functional. One of the great things about Socially is that it is incredibly versatile. Whether you are designing a website or creating a mobile app, these illustrations can be easily incorporated into your project. They are also perfect for use in blog posts, social media campaigns, and other types of digital marketing. Another great feature of Socially is that it is incredibly easy to use. The illustrations come in a range of formats, including SVG, PNG, and AI, making them compatible with a wide range of design tools. This means that you can easily customize the illustrations to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Published: July 23rd 2022

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